Cormorant Fishing Show

Cormorant fishing is unique in China and the way of fishing has been existed for hundreds of years. The fisherman rows on a simple bamboo raft slowly with several cormorants which are trained for fishing. The necks of cormorants are tethered with rings or a piece of grass, so that they will not swallow big fish. When the birds catch big fish, they will store the fish in their mouth. The fisherman will hook the cormorant with a stick and empty the fish out of the month of the bird, then put the bird back to the water to fishing again.
Tourists can take a short boat ride to see the cormorant fishing. Following by the bamboo rafts so that tourists can watch the show closely and clearly. The cormorants dive into water to find and catch fish. When they succeed in catching a fish, they will swim back to the fisherman proudly and show off to their host.

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