Dreamlike Li River Show

The large-scale Dreamlike Li River Show is a performance combining music and Chinese acrobatics art together. The skillful performers on the stage play a show to tell audiences about the history and the landscape of Guilin. 
Performing skills include ballet art and acrobatic art. In the 1:1 live show performing form, audience can get close distance with this outstanding art.
♦ Ten Characters of this show
1.   Presenting the legend Li River by melting nature and civilization of Guilin
2.   Ranking as the most popular show in China with most audience number
3.   A milestone of present international tourism performances
4.   Brand-new 1:1 live show create an innovative stage effect for audience
5.   People can enjoy this show because there is a screen in washing room
6.   Getting national and international golden metals for many times
7.   Stage facilities are in the world’s advancing level
8.   Unreserved performance to tell stories of Li River and Guilin local people’s daily life
9.   Creative art skills and surprising designs
10. Applying the most advanced hi-tech in this show

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