Guilin Bars and Clubs

Guilin Town Story
Guilin Town Story is a bar for singers and instrument players. People who have been there all love the friendly atmosphere. With the background of the soft temp melody, Guilin Town Story bar is a music bar with unique charms for leisure people.
Location: No. 280 – 300, Zhongshan Zhong Lu

Baidu Bar
Baidu Bar is good at the pathbreaker of combining Chinese modern music and European bar culture. It is a bar, a club and a KTV chamber. It is always a pioneer of leading Guilin vogue entertainment culture since from its establishment of 2004. Baidu Bar sits by the Li River side covering a area of above 3000 square meters. Its first floor is a musical bar contains rich European bar elements. Its second floor is crystal liked KTV balcony in European bar style.
Address: Binjiang Road.
Yiren Bar
Yiren Bar is not only a bar but also a restaurant for guests to be relaxed. Located in the centre of Guilin, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, the loudly music, colorful lights, black walls, charming cocktails, all of these make it ranking as one of the top bars in Guilin.
Location: No. 27, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Joys Bar
Located in the Wenhuagong District, Joys Bar is a modern place with luxurious atmosphere, while this bar is also decorated in a nostalgic style.
Location: 1st Floor, Exhibition Center, Wenhuagong
Garden Night
Add: Royal Garden Hotel, Yanjiang Rd Guilin
Description: Dancing, singing performances and costume show of local ethnic nationalities.
Hours: 8 pm-10 am
Jiulong Night Club
Add: S. Zhongshan Rd
Description: Sauna, Massage, KTV room
Hours: 8 pm-1 am
Yuehao Club
Add: 29 Xingyi Rd.
Description: Karaoke, sauna, coffee bar
Hours: 8 pm-1 am

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