Impression of Liu Sanjie

Impression of Liusanjie is a large-scale landscape performance in a brand-new artistic style. During you Guilin Tour, you can tell us if you want to see the performance we will arrange for you.
The performance was invested by Guilin Guang Wei Tourism and Culture Ltd. and directed by famous directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue. The producer is Mei Shuaiyuan, the head writer, founder of Chinese live-action performance.
Liusanjie is a fairy singer in the legend of the Zhuang minority group. There are many beautiful and moving stories about her. Impression of Liusanjie bases on legend and performs in live-action of the landscape in Yangshuo. The performance epitomizes the beauty of Li River and presents the culture and beautiful songs of ethnical people to audiences.

Performance List for Reference
Episode One: The Impress of White
Episode Two: Red Passion
Episode Three:Silver Picturesque Scene
Episode Four: Golden Sacred Poem

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