Songs of Liu Sanjie Night Performance

Songs of Liu Sanjie is a performance consisting of minority songs and dances for audience to know more about this famous figure in Guangxi even in China. Aiming to celebrate the 45 anniversary of the movie Liu Sanjie, Huang Wanqiu, the actress of the first generation Liu Sanjie, directs this show for spread Liu Sanjie culture all over the world.
Audiences coming from all over the world will be attracted by the songs which may carry a feeling of nostalgia. And from songs and dances, people also can find the essences of the art culture of Guilin.
♦ About Liu Sanjie
It is said that Liu Sanjie is a farmer's girl who lived in Tang Dynasty. She showed great potential when she was very young. She can recite the Chinese traditional poems at the age of 12. She was so good at creating folk songs that she can sing immediately when she saw a scenery. Her songs were so beautiful that everyone was attracted by her tone. She was invited to many places in Guangxi to teach singer skills. Her songs were so many that no one can compete with here in singing match.
Because of his hometown and living environment, songs of Liu Sanjie were all about the folk life situation of labour people. Liu Sanjie’s songs generally can be divided into the following three kinds: antiphonal songs, love songs and songs to describe labour people.

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