Dinner at Kaixuan Bridge

Venue: Kaixuan Bridge, Ronghu Lake
Duration: about 1.5 hours

Kaixuan Bridge build on Guilin Ronglu Lake, which also been called "Welcome Bridge" connects Ronghu Grand Hotel and east bank of Ronghu Lake. As the shape of this bridge imitates the famous Triumphal Arch, it became one of the popular sites in central Guilin. Surrounded by beautiful landscpaes, to enjoy a speical banquet in Guilin, the Kaixuan Bridge will be an ideal place. Taste your nice dinner at the bridge spot you can enjoy the fantastic view around the same time.

This activity is a feast for not only your eyes but also your stomachs. Our clients who had experienced this banquet are all satisfied with our arrangement. We promise you can receive the top level service if you contact us for this activity.

Capacity: 120
Area(㎡): 150
Dinner Type: Buffet Dinner/Cocktail Party