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Guilin is a popular travel destination in the world. It is famous for the picturesque natural sceneries. The unique karst geography makes this city as a natural garden with thousands of hills and lakes. Tourism in Guilin has been developed well. The city namecard City Surrounding Water System or normally called Two River & Four Lakes. The highlight of Guilin scenery – Li River, the landmark of Guilin – Elephant Trunk Hill, the water screen movie – Impression of Liu Sanjie, all of these shows a booming development of Guilin Tourism.
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Scenic Spots
There are countless travel sources in Guilin. About 200 scenic spots spread all over the city. When people walk in Guilin, they feel to walk in a large garden. In the whole Guilin tourism circle, government takes the municipal area as the center, sub-central areas including Yangshuo County and Xing’an County. L River hundred miles natural gallery and Guiyang Road /Guihuang Road hundred mile cultural corridor are two golden tourism belt of Guilin.
Karst Landform
The typical karst landform in Guilin gains a reputation as “the capital of karst landform” in the world. Guilin karst scenes can be summarized into four words – elaborate hills, clean rivers, quiet caves, and fancy stones.
Rising sharply at odd angles, limestone peaks look like giant teeth growing out of the green plain. Karst topography is characterized by many caverns and sinkholes that form by the dissolution of limestone or other carbonate rocks. Florida and Virginia's Shenandoah Valley are good examples of where karst can be found in the United States. However, the topography looks completely different from that in China, thanks to conditions that exposed China's karst and eroded its softer limestone faster. The specific conditions for forming the magnificent topography of Guilin "are fourfold," according to Ray Beiersdorfer, a geologist at Youngstown State University in Ohio. "First, you need hard, compact carbonate rock. In Guilin, it's Devonian limestone. Secondly, you need strong uplift, in this case provided by the collision of India with Asia to form the Himalaya. Third, you need a Monsoon climate of high moisture during the warmest season. Finally, the area must not have been scoured by glaciers, which this region wasn't."
  • China Guilin International Tourism Expo
Venue: Guilin International Conference & Exhibition Center
Address: No. 22, Lijiang Road, Guilin
Time: September
This first-of-its-kind event is organized by The People’s Government of Guilin, China Guangxi Tourism Administration, Guangxi International Expositions Bureau and co-organized by the Guilin Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Guilin Municipal Tourism Bureau and Conference and Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd.
  • Guilin Municipal Tourism Administration
Under Guilin Municipal Government, Guilin Municipal Tourism Administration is responsible for tourist management of Guilin city.
The main responsibilities of Guilin Municipal Tourism Administration are:
1. Stick to carry out the national tourism policies and regulations; draft the regional tourism policies and regulations and quality standard of tourist services; supervise the implementation.
2. Carry out tourism development plan and establish the long-term and yearly development plan.
3. Cooperate with relative institutions to supervise the security of tourist hotels, travel agencies, scenic spots and fixed tourist units.
4. Organize the propaganda and significant promotion of the tourism image of the city; manage the international communication and exchange.
5. Organize the international travel routes and manage the tourist transportation.
6. Set, adjust, inspect and supervise the tourism price and charging standards.
7. Deal with tourist complaints and investigate the operational conditions of travel business; guide enterprises to improve service quality; take charge of tourism trade associations.
8. Instruct the Professional Qualification Examination and grade appraisal of the tourism occupation;
9. Instruct the working of tourism administration in counties and districts.
10. Other affairs indicated by the municipal government.
Contact Info.
Address: No. 14, Ronghu North Road, Guilin City, Guangxi, China
Tel: 0773-2825890

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