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Longsheng Countyis situated at the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, about 90 kilometers away from Guilin City. Longsheng is an amazing picturesque destination for journey and leisure. The whole area of Longsheng is a mountainous region with an average altitude between 700m to 800m. The average temperature for the year here is 18.1℃ and average annual precipitation is 1544mm. With the monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, it is not cold in winter and not so hot in summer in the county.
There are five nationalities in the county including Han, Yao, Zhuang, Dong and Miao with a total population of about 170,000. The population of ethnic people is 120,880 which count 77.22% of the total population.
Well-known for the enchanting scenery, Longsheng boasts various local products and colorful traditional customs of minorities. The terraced fields like dragon backbone are of the scenery beauty that second to none in the world. The hot-spring in Longsheng County is located in the valley of the Forest Park surrounded by green hills with clear and pure water and fresh air. In the park with thick forest, there are suspension bridge, monkeys and charming scenes. The beauty of Longsheng will make tourist reluctant to leave.
It takes about 2hrs to drive north through the twisty mountain roads from Guilin City to Longsheng County. There are also public transports from Guilin City to Longsheng County. There are still one hours’ driving from Longsheng to Longji Terraces. You can go to the terraces by local bus.
What to see in Longsheng
Longji Rice Terrace is a popular attraction for oversea travelers. It is located in Longsheng County and Pingan Zhuang Village of Pingxian Township, about 100km away from Guilin City.
Huanghluo Yao Village
Huanglou Yao Village is situated in Longji Scenic Area. It is the only Yao Village among the 13 villages in Longji. There are only Red Yao ethnic people living in the village.
Pingan Zhuang Village is the most famous village located in Longji Scenic Area. There are more than 100 Zhuang ethnic families living in the village. All the families’ first name is “Liao”. The village is a very typical Zhuang ethnic village which well preserves the costumes and traditional customs of the ethnic group.
Longsheng Hot Spring Center is located at the bank of Ai Ling Stream, 32km northeast to Longshen County and 137 km away from Guilin City. This hot spring center is reputed to be “the paradise of happiness and peace” and “heaven on earth”.
What to do in Longsheng
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