Top Things to Do in Guilin

What are the Top Things to do in Guilin? Guilin is one of the most famous scenic cities in China, you will be impressed by its graceful Li River, magnificent Rice Terrace or incredible Reed Flute Cave, but it still has much more for you to explore. Then, what else to do in Guilin? TopGuilinTravel would like to introduce some popular activities and entertainments for you, to help you find a fastest way to access to the local culture, to experience a different nightlife in this garden-like city, with your own eyes.
Enjoy a Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise
Venue: Guilin Water System
Duration: about 1 hour (daily 19:30)
Have a Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise, you may feel to cruise in a Chinese landscape painting. Colorful lights, clean water and fantastic bridges, all you see will make your Guilin tour as a memorable experience in you whole life.
Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Guihu Lake and the newly dug Mulong Lake are connected and linked up. The waterway transportation makes up of Guilin's central round-the-city water systems. It's called "Two River and Four Lakes". Tour and Recreation on water had been very much in a fashion in the Tang and Song Dynasty.
Show in Tow Rivers & Four Lakes Night Cruise
● Folk music and dance in Gui Lake
● Famous band performance, minority songs and dances, and drum performance, in Mulong Lake
● Chinese traditional instrument in Shan Lake
● Guilin local songs in Rong Lake
Shows above are performed when your cruise is passing. Show may be cancelled by bad weather and other accidental situations.
Enjoy the Impression of Liusanjie
Location: Yangshuo County
Add: Located at the confluence of Li River and Tianjia River
Duration: 1 hour (daily 20:00)
Have ever known the famous performance Impression of Liusanjie? The grand performance named Impression of Liusanjie is the core part of the project Beautiful Li River and Folk Song Festival of Liu.
Epitomizing the beauty of Li River, flanked by twelve mist shrouded hills and the heavens as its backdrop, this performance well combined of the cultures of ethnic groups in Guangxi and the creation of outstanding Chinese artists, is really a brand-new one with a realistic view which is unique in the world.
Mist, rain, moonlight, the hills and their inverted reflections in the river all become the ever-changing natural background, so you will enjoy a unique experience each time you attend.
Hiking Along the Li River
Duration: Full day
Li River can be appreciated not only on the cruise but also on your hiking activity. Taking apart in the hiking day along Li River is popular among the young as well as the hiking fans.
Hiking along the Li River is a very enjoyable way to enjoy the beauty of the Li River. This route combines sightseeing and physical exercise together. This program offers the great opportunity to discover the most essence Yangdi-Xingping part on your own feet.
Itinerary: Drive to Yangdi after breakfast from the hotel in Guilin and dropped off at Yangdi pier. Start the hiking to Xingping along the riverbank. During the way, you may have chance to enjoy the beauty of Yangdi, Langshi, Nine-hours Mural Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal and Xiping. Drive to Yangshuo after the short rest at Xingping.
Recommended Route:
Guilin    Yangdi    Xingping    Yangshuo
Longsheng Rice Terrace Hiking Trip
Duration: 2 days
Rice Terrace in Longsheng County is showing a picture of great momentum and imposing beauty, considered the best of its kind. Attracted people from home and abroad, the Rice Terrace is famous for its creative layout, well-toned figure, extraordinary size and alternative beauties in different seasons.
There are two major terrace spots in this area that enjoying great fame. Take a Rice Terrace Hiking Trip, you may have chance to enjoy the two different beauty.
Recommended Route:
Day 1 Guilin => Longsheng Ping'an Village => Ping'an Zhuang Rice Terrace
Day 2 Ping'an Village => Dazhai Village => Tiantou Village => Jinken Rice Terrace 
Enjoy a Rafting on Yulong River
Venue: Yulong River in Yangshuo
Duration: half-day
Known as Little Li River, Yulong River that running through Yangshuo is also a good place to appreciate the beauty of the county. A Rafting on the Yulong River is an exciting and highly recommended activity for people who wanna get closer to the nature.
The Yulong River is prone to sudden flooding which is one of the reasons why there are not more places to stay close by. This condition makes Yulong River as an ideal place for people to experience rafting.
The meandering river is lined by green bamboo and rolling hills. Local people use bamboo rafts as daily transportation up and down the river between their houses, markets, and rice paddies. Sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all-around view of the river and hills.

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