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Hotels in Guilin

As the most professional local travel agency in Guilin, Top Guilin Travel can offers tourists the most favorable and the cheapest hotel rates of all star level hotels in Guilin City. We promise that we only recommend hotels which had been investigated by ourselves. And we promise that we can help you to booking rooms in cheap rates according to your budget. See the following hotels in Guilin City and tell us which one you are interested in.
Sheraton Guilin Hotel

Sheraton Guilin Hotel

★★★★★ Price from: US$113

Address: No. 15, Bin Jiang Road, Guilin, China, 541001
Surrounding: Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River and Fubo Hill
Direction: The Sheraton Hotel, Guilin is located 35 kms from the airport, 2 kms away from the railway station, walking distance to the Li River.
Shangri-La Hotel Guilin

Shangri-La Hotel Guilin

★★★★★ Price from: US$170

Address: 111 Second North Ring Road
Surrounding: Wal-Mart Shopping Square, Diecai Moutain, Mulong Lake, Yushan Park
Direction: Airport: 30 km; Train Station: 8 km; City Center (Centre Square): 4 km; Zhengyang Pedestrian Street: 4km
Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

★★★★★ Price from: US$95

Address: No. 1, Shanhu North Road,Guilin, China,541001
Surrounding: Elephant Trunk Park, Duxiu Hill
Direction: It is located in the downtown area of Guilin City, only 3 km from Guilin Railway Station and 25 km from Guilin Liangjiang Int'l Airport.
Guilin Royal Garden Hotel

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel

★★★★★ Price from: US$1

Address: No. 186-1, Yanjiang Road, Guilin, China, 541004
Surrounding: Seven Star Park, Fubo Diecai Mountains
Direction: The Royal Garden Hotel is 30 km from the airport and 3 km from the railway station.
Guilin Bravo Hotel

Guilin Bravo Hotel

★★★★ Price from: US$67

Address: 14 South Ronghu Road, Guilin, China, 541001
Surrounding: Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park, RongShan Lake
Direction: Distance from Centre of city 1 Km, from the airport 28 Km
Guilin Park Hotel

Guilin Park Hotel

★★★★ Price from: US$76

Address: No. 1, Loushishan Road, Diecai District, Guilin, China, 541001
Surrounding: Duxiu Peak, Diexiu Hill and Fubo Hill
Direction: The hotel is located on the bank of the picturesque Gui Lake in front of Laoren Hill and the distance from the airport is about 35 km
Guilin Landscape Golf Resort

Guilin Landscape Golf Resort

★★★★ Price from: US$1

Address: Guilin Seven Stars District Chaoyang Township Yang stores  
Surrounding: Mt. Yao, Ming Tomb, Guilin College of Aerospace Technology
Direction: from Guilin Jiang International Airport: 40km; from Guilin Railway Station: 12 km; from Central Square: 12km
Hotel Universal Guilin

Hotel Universal Guilin

★★★ Price from: US$57

Address: No. 1, Jiefang East Road,Guilin, China,541001
Surrounding: Li River, Diecai and Fubo Hill, Seven Park, Jiefang Bridge
Direction: The hotel is just 40 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the railway station.
Guilin Osmanthus Hotel

Guilin Osmanthus Hotel

★★★ Price from: US$49

Address: No. 77, Zhong Shan South Road,Guilin, China,541002
Surrounding: Peach Blossom River, Zhongshan Road
Direction: Located in the heart of Guilin city, on the bank of the Peach Blossom River, it is 26 km from the airport and only 1 km from the railway station.
Guilin Eva Inn Hotel

Guilin Eva Inn Hotel

★★★ Price from: US$65

Address: No 66, Binjiang Road, Guilin, China (neighbor to Sheraton Guilin Hotel)
Surrounding: Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Fubo Hill Park, Seven Star Park
Direction: Guilin Evan Inn Hotel is about 31 km from Guilin Liangjiang Airport, 4 km from Guilin Railway Station, and walking distance to Guilin Central Square
Guilin Jingguanming Lou Museum Hotel

Guilin Jingguanming Lou Museum Hotel

★★★ Price from: US$80

Address: No 9, South Ronghu Road, Guilin, China (near to Wumei Road)
Surrounding: Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Elephant Trunk Hill, Xicheng Pedestrian Street, Guilin Mosque 
Direction: Guilin Jingguanming Luo Museum Hotel is about 30 km from Guilin Liangjiang Airport, 2 km from Guilin Railway Station, and 1 km to Guilin Central Square