Yangshuo Local Transport

Yangshuo do not have so many taxies, mostly Santana, as the county is small, and the taxi is generally not charge by meter. Generally in the county, the taxi harges 10 Yuan. If you want to go to Yulong River, the price will be over $ 30.
Regular Pricing: starting at 7 yuan / 2 km, at night starting at 7.8 yuan / 2 km, for 2-4 km is 1.8 yuan per kilometer, above four kilometers is 2.4 yuan per kilometer.
BicycleYangshuo Local Transport
In Yangshuo tour, the main means of transportation should be the most recommended is bike. Yangshuo County is not a large county, while many of the views are pretty good in the countryside, such as Yulong River. Other attractions are basically within a radius of 10 km around Yangshuo County, and it is cheap to rent a bicycle, which is also environmental protection, controllable, and it became the most preferred means of transport in Yangshuo tour.
Bicycle Rent Location: there are many bike rental at Yangshuo’s streets. It generally requires a deposit or documents. Price is about 10-20 yuan / hour, a tandem bicycle is slightly more expensive.
Along the riding, you will encounter many women riding bicycle with you, who are aiming at recommend you to some attractions. Some of the attractions they recommend are not good.
Boat and Raft
In Yangshuo, tourists mainly do the Li River cruise by boat and raft. Big ferry boat is the boat from Guilin to Lijiang Xingping pier. Rafts can be divided into power-driven raft and manpower raft. Electric rafts are mostly on the Li River, while manpower bamboo rafts are on the Yulong River.
After the price was unified, the raft’s price is:
Yang Di - Xingping Masan Pier, 118 yuan/person
Yang Di to Xingping, 216 yuan/person.
Boatman offers price usually cheaper, 100 yuan/person.
A raft has four seats. If the number of people is not enough, then you need to fill each vacancy, and the price is 35 Yuan per seat. Yang Di to Xingping’s vacancy costs 35 yuan / person; Yang Di to Moral Hill’s vacancy costs 25 yuan / person.
Sightseeing Cable Car
The main means of transport in Yangshuo County for tourists is sightseeing cable car, usually 1 yuan per person. However, if you want to drive to Moon Hill, you need to bargain the price with driver first.
Yangshuo traffic in normal, the attractions are close to the county, and the sightseeing cable car car can stop everywhere you want to, very convenient.

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