Niko-Niko-Do Plaza

Location: In the canter of the city
What to buy: international brand clothing, shoes, electronics, and cosmetics

If you are looking for a plaza to have a shopping day, you can go to Guilin Niko-Niko-Do Plaza (Wei Xiao Tang Department). It is a 7-floor building that situated in the center of the city with a glorious appearance. 

Niko-Niko-Do Plaza is an all-around commerce mansion sale food, clothes, hats, shoes, cosmetic, ornaments, porcelain enamels, general articles, home fittings, special local products and so on.
If you feel tired and want to have something to eat, do not worry to go out of this building and look for another restaurant. This plaza provides some fine restaurants on the top floor and a KFC outlet on the ground floor facing the main street. Besides, the supermarket in basement is greatly welcomed by Guilin citizens.


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