Xi Cheng Lu Pedestrian Street

Xi Cheng Lu Pedestrian Street
Xi Cheng Lu Pedestrian Street
Location: Xicheng Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin
What to buy: local snacks, minority souvenir, minority clothing
Xi Cheng Lu Pedestrian Street is the second street following the Zhengyang Street. Located in the Xiufeng District, Xi Cheng Lu is a 420-meter-long street with various kinds of shops such as travel souvenir shops, snacks shops, clothing shops, restaurants, etc. People can find things they need as well as appreciate the Ming and Qing Dynasty architectures here.
Because the night market had been moved from Zhongshan Road to here, Xi Cheng Lu Pedestrian Street now becomes extremely prosperous than before. Leisure atmosphere will let people slow down footprints for getting close distance with Guilin. Having a cap of tea or coffee in a café shop, seeing passer-bys in this street, people will find a easy way to spend life without disturbs from the daily work. Xi Cheng Road, a good choice for shopping in Guilin, has many shops for local products such as snacks and minority headgear and clothing.


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