Where to See the Most Beautiful Caves in Guilin

Guilin has many mountains, and a hill there will be a cave. If you don't see holes equal to you haven't been to Guilin. Each karst cave has its characteristic and there is a fascinating world. Whether already famous Seven Star Cave, or “pearl” discovered later “Fengyu Cave”, Silver Cave, etc., make people curious about magical nature.
♦ Silver Cave
Silver Cave which opened in 2000, is relatively a new hot spot. Silver Cave belongs to floor type karst cave, in cave there are all kinds of glittering and translucent white stalactites, just like the Milky Way poured in the night sky, flashing like silver, therefore calls "Silver Cave".

In Silver Cave there are tens of feature attractions, green hills, crystal rivers, green grasslands, and green trees, all of these help Silver Cave to gain a title as “the representative of Guilin landscape”.
How to get there: it is 85 km from city center
1. The bus: (1) in Guilin Bus Station take bus from Guilin to Lipu, get off at the Silver Cave;
(2) In Yangshuo take tourist shuttle bus of Silver Cave scenic spot to Silver Cave: every day at 8:30, 9:30 and 11:30, there are bus back and forth between Yangshuo and Silver Cave. The pick-up place in Yangshuo is at the gate of the Yangshuo Park Management, and in Silver Cave is at the gate of the scenic area;
2. Self-driving route: Guilin direction: Shanghai Road – First West Ring Road –Third South Ring Road - into G321 - G65 - G72 - Yangshuo - end;
Guangzhou direction: the highway-ring around Guilin -- Baomao highway from Yangshuo to Lipu – get out from G321 export – towards Lipu/Gaotian direction - G321 - end;
3. Riding route: from the Moon Hills to the  Silver Cave about 8 km; from Yangshuo to Silver Cave back and forth about 40 km, about 3 hours.

Open time: 8:00-17:30
Visiting time: 2-2.5 hours
Silver CaveSilver Cave
♦ Fengyu Cave
Fengyu Cave is in Dongli village Sanhe township, 16 kilometers away from Lipu town. And it gains its name because of underground river is rich in Youfeng fish. The cave cut-through nine mountains, total length of 5.3 km. The county has 2.3 kilometers underground river so tourist can take a boat to sightsee. Broad cave, deep river, intensive stalagmite that merged into a cave wonders of magnificence.
Location: Dongli village, Sanhe township, Lipu county, Guilin
Open time: 08:00-17:00
Fengyu CaveFengyu Cave
♦ Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave scenic area constitute by the highest mountain in Guilin—Houshan Mountain, most beautiful cave—Reed Flute Cave, Peach Blossom River and Fragrant Lotus Pool.
The Reed Flute Cave offers a majestic fairyland of karst caves with landscape and rural scenery. It is a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, birds, plants and animals in fantastic shapes and colors, all glistening in colorful lights.
Location: No.1 Reed Flute Road, Xiufeng District (5 km from downtown, south of Maotou Mountain at the right bank of Peach Blossom River of northwest of Guilin)
How to get: Taking No.3 bus to there, after getting off the bus walk for 650 meters, the driving time will be around half an hour.
Transport inside the scenic spot: one way is going west along the pool side of Fragrant Lotus in the south of mountain, through this way can reach the downside of cave and then go stair to enter cave; the second way is to go from the south foot of Guangming Mountain and pass a shade path to the entry of Reed Flute Cave.
Open time: peak season (April to December)—07:30 to 18:00; off season (December to March in the next year)—08:00 to 17:30
Visiting hour: 2 hours
Reed Flute CaveReed Flute Cave
♦ Century Glacier Spirit Buddha Cave
It has the reputation of "the first water cave that stunning natural wonders". It is famous for its magnificent landscapes. Spirit Buddha Cave consists of two layer, an upper is land route where there are "Underwater Dragon Palace", "Ninth Heavens Galaxy" and "Twelve Chinese Zodiac" and so on more than ten landscapes; Lower is a underground river, people can appreciate the cave sitting in the boat, but you must lie down or grovel when enter into the cave.
Location: Shuzipu Road, Yanguan Town, Xing’an County, Guilin
Open time: 08:00-17:30
Visiting hour: 1 hour
Century Glacier Spirit Buddha CaveCentury Glacier Spirit Buddha Cave
♦ Crown Cave
Crown Cave is a giant underground river water-eroded cave, total length of 12 km. Stalagmites and stalactites are illuminated by an interior lighting system. The cave has been fitted with a sightseeing elevator, small trains and a kind of roller coaster designed for sightseeing. You can also take a small boat in some parts of the cave.
You can take sightseeing car in the lawn to go across a field of local scenery and reach the cave. Or you can walk sightseeing elevator and go straight into the cave. The best way to do sightseeing in Crown Cave is by boat or bamboo raft. To the first cave, a 10-meter-high cave with stalactites. And then, tourists will cruise into the second cave, during the rainy season, this cave may be immersed by water. The entrance of the third cave is lower than the second one. While the forth one is easily to come.
Location: Lijiang Crown Cave Area, Caoping Hui Minority Autonomous Village, YanshanDistrict, Guilin
How to get there:
1. Taking bus: taking Crown Cave special bus line, the driving time is 40 minutes. The earliest bus from Guilin departs at 07:30; the latest bus from Crown Cave is 18:30 (every 20 minutes a bus)
2. Taking boat: docked on the Crown Cave pier on route of Li River Cruise
Open time: peak season—7:30 to 18:30; off season—8:00 to 17:30 (the best time to visit is from noon to afternoon when it is cool)
Visiting hour: 2 hours
Crown CaveCrown Cave
♦ Seven Star Cave
Seven-Star Cave is an extensive limestone cave complex in Seven-Star Park, both of which are popular tourist attractions in the city of Guilin. The park and cave's name derive from the fact the main karst limestone peaks roughly resemble the stars of the Big Dipper constellation. The earliest exploration of Seven-Star Cave dates back to the Tang Dynasty, about 1,300 years ago. 

Location: Putuo Mountainside, Seven Star Park, Guilin

Seven Star CaveSeven Star Cave

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