My Personal Trip to Liuzhou and Guilin

In my day-off, I plan to travel Liuzhou and Guilin where are near Nanning, and I don’t make any arrangement, I just up and go.
At first I bought the ticket to Liuzhou at morning 8:20, but I didn't calculate during that time was rush hour traffic, so I went to the station late. To endorse the ticket because the first time I went to the wrong window, so when I got to the front of the line I just knew I need to go to endorse window. I would like to refund directly and bought a new ticket of the second day, but it was not allowed so I had to queue again for endorsing. Finally it was my turn, when asked about Liuzhou bullet train, there was only train at 21:55 in the evening. After I endorsed the ticket I went home to take a shower and sleep, and set off in the evening.
Liuzhou (Liuhou Park-Ma’anshan Park)
Bullet train is fast, at around 23:00 o’clock I arrived in Liuzhou. This was my first time to get to a strange city, first of all, I needed to find a place to live. The original plan was to go to Liuzhou during the day, and then go sightseeing in Liuzhou for a day, and get to Guilin at night. But plan changed I had just found a hotel to spend my night. I couldn’t fall asleep the whole night because it was really hot in that room, the electronic fan cut no ice with me.
In the second day morning, at 7:30, when I got out of the hotel, I saw the stall selling breakfast in the crossing. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stop was close to my hotel, after I walked out I could easily got to the station. After taking bus, I went to my destination Liuhou Park, and took pictures of Liujiang River Bridge at the Hongguang Bridge. In the morning, elder people would come to park to take exercise.
Liuhou Park

Liuhou Park
Then I went to Ma’anshan Park. After I carried ten of kilograms bag to climb Ma’anshan, I regretted that I made the decision of checking out to visit city, because it was just piece of cake to climb the mountain, but with this large bag, I felt very tired. I haven’t gone to the half, I have already took a rest. After this, I went to take train to Guilin.
Ma’anshan Park
Ma’anshan Park
Guilin (Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street-Elephant Trunk Hill)
When I arrived in Guilin, it was nearly 18:00, and I started to find hotel near the train station. Because it was the Double Seventh Festival Chinese Valentine’s Day, so there was no room here. I walked a long distance. At 19:00, finally I fought hotel to stay. I took a shower and washed my clothes immediately while I entered the room, and it took about one hour. In the downstairs, there was a rice noodle restaurant called Qingyun Soup Base Rice Noodle, it was delicious! After the dinner, I went to Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street, which was a busy street filled with people and various snacks.
Because of night market in Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street, so it was extremely prosperous. Leisure atmosphere would let people slow down footprints for getting close distance with Guilin. Having a cup of tea or coffee in a café shop, seeing passer-bys in this street, people would find an easy way to spend life without disturbs from the daily work. Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street, a good choice for shopping in Guilin, has many shops for local products such as snacks and minority headgear and clothing.
Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street
Yangshuo (cycling-Ten-miles Gallery of Totem Trail-Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill-West Street-Li River)
In the train station, there were buses to Yangshuo, 20 yuan a person. I got off bus at the Yangshuo North Bus Station and I started to found hotel (I didn’t make any arrangement when I travel to those places, so after I arrived, the first thing was to find a hotel). Hotels in Yangshuo were good in decoration compared to other places. The hotel I found, its shopkeeper was very nice, he introduced me where to visit. I rent the bike from the hotel and started my biking tour in Yangshuo by myself.

Moon HillMoon Hill
It is easy to find a place to rent a bicycle in Yangshuo. There are many bike-rental spots near the entrance of West Street. Or even the guest house, inn or small hotel which you are staying could offer bike rental service. This is a completely environment-friendly way to explore the countryside.

Before I biked to Ten-miles Gallery, I ate Yangshuo famous Beer Fish. Ten-mile Gallery is a good scenic spot that you should not miss when you travel to Yangshuo. It is located in the Yangshuo Moon Hill. Because the sceneries along the road are very beautiful and look just like pictures, so people call it as “Ten-mile Gallery”.
The pictures I took along the way back to hotel, while it was nearly 19:00. The setting sun was so beautiful. And in the evening, I went to the West Street. The West Street consist of eating, shopping, bars, and other things. And because of these rich and colorful things to do in the West Street, West Street has become a unique and beautiful scenery line in the Yangshuo.
West StreetWest Street
At the evening, Yangshuo was raining. I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, and after I had my breakfast I visited to Li River. Due to the rain, the next day when I planned to visit Li River, the hotel shopkeeper told me that it was also good to visit Li River after rain, because you would see another aspect of misty Li River. I took the bamboo raft to enjoy the essence section of Li River—Xingping. Scenery of Yangshuo Xingping is a highlight of Guilin Li River Cruise. The famous scene Xingping district has been printed on the 20 Yuan RMB. More than 20 scenic spots along this period will lead you know the essential charms of Li River because most of Li River photos are taken in this period. Xingping famous scenic area includes.
Li RiverLi River
After finishing Xingping bamboo raft sightseeing, I took back my bag in hotel and took the bus back to Guilin and directly went to train station.