One Day Tour to Ancient Village near Yangshuo

There is a chance to travel around during the national holiday at the beginning of May. We drove to Yangshuo from Guilin with some friends, visiting Langzi Ancient Village at Gaotian town and Liugong Village at Puyi Town. Our purpose this time is to explore the old houses in the above two villages. One day tour to the two villages in Yangshuo is leisure. Time is quite enough by self-driving. Our itinerary is to visit Langzi Village in the morning and Liugong village in the afternoon.

Drive from Guilin downtown to Gaotiao Town in Yangshuo after breakfast, it takes about 1.5 hours. The traffic is smooth. Langzi Ancient Village is just located at the west of Gaotian Town for about 8 km. The original of Langzi Village(朗梓村) is Lanzi Village(榄子村). The family name of most villagers is Qin, which belongs to Zhuang people. In the ancient time, several young men in this village passed final imperial examination. After that, they changed the village’s name to Langzi Village(朗梓村). Many old buildings of Qing Dynasty are preserved in the village. It is still a undiscovered original village. We even cannot find a farmer house restaurant in the village. Therefore, we had to drive to Gaotian Town for lunch.

Langzi Village was built during the period of Emperor Shunzhi in Qing Dynasty with a history of more than 350 years. The first ancestor of this village is Zhengyao Qin (覃正尧),who was from Yizhou, Guangxi. He was one general of uprising army by Zicheng Li at the end of Ming Dynasty. Being defeated in North China by the army of Qing Dynasty, he ran away to Langzi Village and found this land fertile and beautiful. So he settled down. The old buildings in Langzi Village are divided into two parts, which are 15 meters away from each other, covering an area of 7,000 square meters. There are 63 houses in total. The most magnificent building in the village is Qins Ancestral Temple. It was build during Emperor Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty with dedicated decoration, covering an area of about 2,000 square meters.

We finished the trip to Langzi Village in the morning. After lunch, we keep driving to Liugong Village at Puyi Town. It is just located downstream at the bank of Li River. It is only 13 km from Yangshuo downtown. This village has a history of more than 350 yeas. There are many ancient buildings kept there. There are many domestic or foreign visitors to visit Liugong Village every year. There is a biking route is from Yangshuo to Liugong Village along the Li River. Besides, Kayaking can be arranged at Li River nearby Puyi.