Weekend Outing to Huangyao Ancient Town

It is really a nice weather, which is much warmer than that we might expect for in the end of November in South China. This kind of weather becomes rarer when it goes into winter in Guilin. Taking the advantage of the sunny day, we decide to go for an outing. It is heard from some friends that Huangyao Ancient Town is a nice place and worth to visit. So we finally went to it.

Huangyao Ancient Town
is located in the Northeast part of Zhaoping County, Hezhou. It is around 40km away from Hezhou and 200km from Guilin. It is suitable for one night 2 days extension tour when tourists visit Guilin.

Huangyao Ancient Town has a long history of nearly 1,000 years. It started from Song Dynasty and was built on a large scale in Ming Dynasty. Huangyao went into prime in Qing Dynasty. Since most people in the town surnamed Huang and Yao, the town is named Huangyao.

Huangyao is just in the downstream area of Li Jiang River. When you visit to Huangyao, you will find many karst caves, pavilions, ancient temples, ancestor halls, Old trees, all of which create the special scenery of this ancient town. This ancient town was built according to the directions of Taoism. All the path in the town was paved by black stones.

We drove from Guilin to Huangyao for around 3 hours. Got off at parking lot, we cannot wait to visit this well-preserved ancient town. Go through several stone archways, walking among the local people, you will find everything is so perfect, bridge, steam, pool, hills in distance, ancient houses and trees.

This small town was built in the Lingnan traditional style. You could find the local pollution-free vegetable gardens, clothing-washing pool while you are strolling in it. Huangyao Ancient Town is so tranquil, small and exquisite that you are attracted involuntarily.

When is the best time to visit Huangyao Ancient Town?

The best season for tour to Huangyao Ancient Town should be from the middle of September to the Middle of November, where it has the best climate, cool, but not humid. Besides, the local fruits, such as persimmon, hawthorn, ect grow ripe in this season. But if you visit Huangyao in March and April, you will find the quite different beauty of the ancient town as March and April is rainy season.

How to plan a tour from Guilin to Huangyao Ancient Town?

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