One Day Guilin Incentive Tour of Traditional Chinese Painting Learning and Tea-picking

One Day Cultural Guilin Incentive Tour

Destination: Guilin
Activitie: Traditional Chinese Painting Learning, Tea-picking at Tea Garden, Tea Banquet, “Four Lakes” Night Cruise, Cormorant Fishing Show
Duration: 1 day
Tour Code: TGT-GL-IN-DT-01

Detailed Itinerary:

Tour operated condition: Only can be handled for group travellers (at least 10 persons), individual tourists could not have this tour independently. Activity: Tour to Elephant Trunk Hill and Reed Flute Cave, Traditional Chinese Painting Learning, Experience Tea-picking at Tea Garden, Enjoy Tea Banquet, “Four Lakes” Night Cruise, Cormorant Fishing Show
Meals: Lunch, Dinner

09:00-10:00 Depart from the hotel, be transferred to the Elephant Trunk Hill for a short visit
10:00-11:30 Be transferred to Reed Flute Cave for a visit
11:30-13:30 Be transferred to recommended restaurant nearby for a Chinese table lunch
13:30-15:00 Be transferred to Guilin Art Museum to take a Traditional Chinese Painting Lesson and learn how to draw the painting
15:00-17:00 Be transferred to Guilin Tea Garden and experience the Chinese tea culture by Tea-Picking and Tea-tasting
17:00-19:00 Enjoy the Tea Banquet at Longze Restaurant
19:00-20:40 Be transferred to Riyue Bay Pier for your “Four Lakes” Night Cruise. See the Cormorant Fishing Show during the cruise
20:40-          Round off your trip today, be transferred back to the hotel

Draw a Traditional Chinese PaintingToday, you will first take a visit to Elephant Trunk Hill, the symbol of Guilin. Observed from a distance, you’ll see an elephant-like form standing at the confluence of the Li and Yang Rivers with its trunk arching into the clear water.

Then be transferred to Reed Flute Cave, which is commonly praised as Nature’s Grand Art Palace. It mainly offers a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, curtains and flowers in fantastic shapes and colors while appreciating landscape and rural scenery.

After lunch, you will be transferred to Guilin Art Museum to take a lesson of how to use Chinese brush to draw a Chinese painting which is famous for its original style and distinctive national features in the world. Over the centuries, the practice of countless artists made it an art deeply rooted and widely accepted.

For the next 2hours, you will be transferred to Guilin Tea Garden to experience the Chinese Tea Culture. The Tea Garden is famous for expertise training and scientific research in the field of tea science. In the garden, you will have chance to do the tea-picking and taste different types of tea.

After enjoying the Tea Banquet at Longze Restaurant, you will be transferred to Riyue Bay Pier for your “Four Lakes” Night Cruise. Colorful lights, clean water and fantastic bridges, you may feel to cruise in a Chinese landscape painting.

During your cruise, you will have chance to see the Cormorant Fishing Show, which way of fishing has been existing for hundreds of years. Upon the order form the fish man, the well-trained cormorants will dive into water to find fish and catch them. When they succeed in getting any fish, they will proudly swim back to the raft and show off to the fish man. The fish man usually award one or two very small fish to encourage them.

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