Elephant Trunk Hill

The Elephant Trunk, or the Elephant Trunk Hill, is located on the conjunction of the Peach Blossom River and the Li River. It is a famous spot as well as the badge of Guilin City.
The name of the hill derives from the shape of the hill which looks like an elephant drinking water with its long trunk. The hill is a masterpiece of karst landscape in Guilin. It is a pure limestone which lay on seabed 360,000,000 years ago.
There is a round cave between the body and trunk of the elephant. This cave is named “Moon-over-Water”, because in moon night, the whole looks like a full moon with a full moon reflection in the Li River. On the back of the elephant, there is a pagoda built in Ming Dynasty. Yunfeng Temple lies on the foot of the hill and there is f "The Revolution of the Taiping Heavenly Kindow in Guilin" exhibited in the temple.