Yangshuo Fuli Ancient Town

Fulli Ancient Town is only 8km away from Yangshuo County. The history of this ancient town could date back to the period of Emperor Tang Qing Xian in Tang Dynasty (656-660). Fuli is not just a beautiful ancient town but also one of the most famous Chinese painting towns in China. It is also known as “the home of Chinese painting fan”.
Passing the noise highway, a long road extending to the bank of a river and the gate of the ancient town come into view. Along the old street, there are several shops selling painting fans. The rising of painting fans was in the late of 1990s. At its heyday, there are more than 100 Chinese painting shops. The business of Chinese painting fan has even expending to USA, Japan and south Asian countries.
Fuli is one of the wharfs of Li River, and also the ancient wharf of Zhu River System. As there are no highways and railways in ancient time, Li River is the only way connecting Yangtze River and Zhujiang River. As the terrain of Yangshuo is complex, there was less damage caused by wars. There were many immigrants from Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Anhui and Fujian. There still maintains some primitive tribe culture, such as ancient Nuo culture and Mazu Culture. The Nuo music and Nuo dance here are well preserved. It is also the only inland area where Mazu Culture still exists. 
Admission Price: 5 yuan per person (the price is changeable, just for reference
Transportation tips:
Take regular bus at Yangshuo Bus Station to Fuli. The price is 2 yuan per person.