Mt. Qingxiu

Mt. Qingxiu is located on the bank of Yongjiang River in Nanning City. Mt. Qingxiu, or Mt. Taiqing, is 189m high, covering an area of about 78 hectares. The whole Mt. Qingxiu scenic area includes Mt. Phoenix, Mt. Phoenix Wing, Mt. Qingxiu and other mountains.
The scenic area was constructed in Sui and Tang Dynasties, and met its heyday in Ming Dynasty. It was a popular summer resort since ancient times. And now, it is the key scenic spot in Nanning City and is reputed to be the “giant lung of Nanning”. There are many attractions in the scenic area such as Dong Spring, caving on Jieqing Rock, Shixiang stove and some other newly built attractions.
On the right top of the Mt. Fengyi (Phoenix Wing), stand the Dragon Elephant Pagoda, or Qingshan Pagoda. It is the symbol of Mt. Qingxiu. The pagoda was firstly built in Ming Dynasty and was destroyed by lighting. The one on the mountain now was rebuilt in 1986 and was designed according to the architecture style of Ming Dynasty. 
There are botanical gardens in the scenic area. The most attractive ones are Cycads Garden, Palm Garden and Rainforest Garden. Cycads are one of the oldest plants in the world. The Palm Garden covers an area of 250mu with over 80 species palms.
There is also a artificial lake with a small island. And the international golf club here is the only one with 18 holes, covering an area of 1500mu.