Jinkeng Rice Terrace

Except the famous Longji Terrace Fields in Ping An Zhuang Village, there is another places where is called Jinkeng. Jinkeng Rice Terrace is regarded as one of the wonders in Guilin because it is majestic natural view with unique Yao village with a variety of minority culture and customs. It becomes well-known recent years. Jinkeng Rice Terrace is also a good place for photography. Therefore, it attracts shutterbugs and tourists from all over the world each year.

Jinkeng Rice Terrace Fields are located in the Northeast part of Heping Town in Longhseng County. Jinkeng only has an area of more than 10 sq km, but it includes around 20 villages. This area is a habitation of Red Yao (Dzao), which is one branch of the minority of Yao. The Jinkeng Rice Terrace Fields were opened up by Red Yao’s ancestors from Yunan Dynasty.

There are two main villages here in Jinkeng. The first village at the foot of the mountain is Dazai Village where Yao people’s two-story cabins are built nestling against the breathtaking man-made wonder. Climbing up the hill for 60 minutes, you will arrive at Tiantouzai Village, where you will have a panoramic view of Jinkeng Rice Terrace. Jinkeng rice terrace and villages become known to more and more tourists recent years. Therefore, many better hotels or guesthouses are built. Local people are trying to improve the tourism facilities to attract more visitors. Jinkeng Terrace Fields Scenic Area has a 1,380 meters long cable way. It makes the tour in Jinkeng easier and more comfortable. With the cable car, it just needs 20 minutes before tourists could have a panoramic view of terrace fields.

The Best Season to visit to Jinkeng Rice Terrace Fields
1. April-May: Irrigate the fields for plowing
2. The end of May to the Middle of June: Finish transplanting rice seedlings in the terrace fields.
3. July-August: Green rice seedlings in the terrace fields with cool weather in mountainous area.
4. The end of September to the end of October: the season for harvest, all the rice becomes gold in the tier upon tier fields.

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