Liuzhou Museum

Liuzhou Municipal Museum is located in the east of Liuzhou People Square. It is a national museum equipped with the modern facilities. This architecture is a landmark of Liuzhou City. Liuzhou Museum was first built in 1959. It occupies an area of 26 mu with 12,800 square meters of building areas. It has been developed into the center of preservation, display and research of cultural relics in the middle areas of Guangxi since be constructed.
The building displays ancient city watchtowers. Its outer verandas are decorated with 21 relief sculptures which imply Liuzhou in the 21st century and 2100 years’ long-lasting history. They also reflect the prehistoric civilization, historical cultural, nationality culture and modern culture of Liuzhou.
The total number of cultural relics stocked in the museum ranks first in Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region, many collections have considerable local characteristics and become national treasures for its exquisiteness and rareness. Liuzhou Historical Culture, Liuzhou Minority Customs, Ancient Bronze wares and Ancient Painting & Calligraphy Fan Painting etc. are display in the museum,
Cultural relics vividly and thoroughly reproduce Liuzhou’s historical style and features in different historical stages by the way of composition, and represent the elegant demeanor of the ancient city with classical appearance, continue the ancient civilization with classical chain link.
Pavilions in Liuzhou Municipal Museum
► Pavilion of History – collections about the history of Liuzhou
► Pavilion of Minorities – collections such as the tools, customer cloth, and ethnic artworks of minorities such as Zhuang, Dong, Miao, and Yao.
► Pavilion of Bronze – collections of bronze artworks in ancient time
► Pavilion of Chinese Fans, Calligraphy and Painting
► Pavilion of Creatures Fossil
► Pavilion of Chinese Tea Culture

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