Liuzhou Yufengshan Park (Standing-Fish Mountain)

Located in the city center, Standing-Fish (Yufengshan) Park rises straightly above the ground. Unique and beautiful, the peak has many caves connected with each other and winding through the peak like a labyrinth. At the foot of the peak is the Little Dragon Pool with calm and clear water. All this is praised as "the world's number one natural miniature landscape". Now the peak has become even more mysterious and charming with its many historical interests, folk stories and inscriptions.
The summit of the 80m/260ft high Yufengshan (Standing-Fish Mountain), situated in the park of the same name. The mountain and pool are linked to an old legend: many hundreds of years ago a maiden named Liu Sanjie lived in the area and she used to climb up the mountain and sing songs of lament protesting at the local rulers. The latter thereupon started to pursue her by all possible means. Eventually the maiden could bear it no longer and threw herself into the pool. Immediately a heavy thunderstorm broke out and two fishes sprang out of the pool. One bore the maiden up to heaven, the other fell onto the earth, changed into a mountain and overwhelmed the tyrants. On Yufengshan stands a stone statue of the maiden. In memory of Liu Sanjie a song festival is held every year on the 15th day of the 8th moon month.

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