Liuzhou Longtan Park

Longtan Park in southern Liuzhou City is a park formed by karst natural scenery. Adding southern minority culture and style in the park construction, Longtan Park is a large-scale sightseeing site to welcome travelers from all over the world. China Travel Agency will give travellers the detailed introduction of this Liuzhou attraction.
Great Dragon Pool (Long Tan in Chinese), which was called Lei Tang in the ancient times, consists of Long Tan pool and Lei Tan Pool. These two pools are formed by groundwater, and these phreatic waters are linked together. Great Dragon Pool covers about 9,500 square meters, and its water temperature ranges from 18 to 20 all the year around, thus the water is warm in winter and cool in summer, and a view named “Misty Rain Above Two Pools” can be seen in midwinter. When water of the pool rises to a certain level, it will flow swiftly into Mirror Lake through mouths of the eight dragons, and the wonderful scene is called “Eight Dragons Spurting Snow”.
The mirror lake in the side of the mountain is a man-made lake taking big dragon’s pool as source, because the lake surface is calm like the mirror, the mountain appearance sets up the shadow and reflects clearly, so gains the name.
Lakeside thick forest and tall bamboos, the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place, the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains contrasts finely with. The large dragon’s pool calls Ray the pool originally.
♦ Legend of the pool
It is said that there is supernatural dragon that sneaks and occupies herein, can revitalize the thunder rainfall. Willow each reach Weimin this pray for rain those years, leave “whether thunder pool gentle to pray rain” handed down from ancient times, the Ministry of War in feudal China right the intersection of assistant minister and pieces of 翀 resign, answer willow Ming Dynasty, often go to the dragon’s pool to go angling rest.
♦ Minority culture in this park
Distinctive originality to Guangxi and colorful ethnic minorities in south China's national construction can be found in this park as well. Pungmul Folk Park, built as the main content, features and customs of ethnic minorities into beautiful natural scenery as a whole.
Lungtan Wind and Rain Bridge in southern China can be seen that the human face of ethnic minorities, cultural traditions, the different styles of minority civil architectural art, etc… Visotors can participate in and watch Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao and other ethnic minorities of the folk song as well as other interactive activities.