Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area

Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area is located in the south of Daxu Ancient Town of Lingchuan County, 25 km away from Guilin City. It is a newly developed tourist spot.
Gudong Waterfall

In the scenic area there is a multi-level concatenation waterfall formed by underground springs, which is the only one in China. With high content of calcium carbonate in the water, the travertine deposition rate is high, which makes the waterfall grow higher and higher gradually. The elevation of the headstream is 180m higher than that of Li River, which is a miracle.
The water of the Gudong Waterfall is very clear, and spring out in four seasons. The average sediment concentration of the waterfall is 0.1 g / m. The waterfall could be divided into 13 grades, with the fall of 90m and the average width of 20m.
Gudong Waterfall is a touchable waterfall. There is a over 200m-long impending suspension bridge on the waterfall that tourists could climb up the waterfall to appreciate the beauty of Gudong Forest.
Gudong Forest
At the foot of the mountains, there is a subtropical & tropical rainforest, Vines hanging on the trees forms natural walls. There are 3,000 acres of maple and pine. The content of negative oxygen ion in fresh air is higher than in the Guilin tourism circle, forming a natural eco-tourism scenic spot. In late autumn season, red maples are waiting for tourists. The beauty of the autumn leaves covers trails on the mountains. Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area covers an area of ​​about 3,000 acres including 2,000 acres of original growth forest, with forest coverage rate of 96% , ,.
Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area travel tips
The character of the scenic area:
Touchable waterfall, natural oxygen bar, green lung of Li River, environmental protection base
Visiting time: 2 hours
Admission: 60 CNY
Best time to visit: summer, autumn
1, Take the special bus to Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area in Guilin
2, Self-driving: driving out of Guilin from Yushan Bridge, along the Guimo Highway, pay attention to the signs along the road. The distance is about 25 km from Guilin to the scenic area.