Liuzhou Qishi City

Liuzhou Qishi City is located in the Pingshan Avenue in Liuzhou City with an area of 4.28 hectares. This garden features distinctive stones and rocks. Applying these stones to form sceneries and gardening scenes for visitors to appreciate. It is the largest stone garden in Guangxi. China Tour Operator will let travellers know more about Liuzhou Qishi City.
More than 5,000 pieces in 6 different kinds of stones works are shown in Liuzhou Qishi City all year around. All the collections in this museum are natural stones without any manmade process.
Distinctive stones in Liuzhou enjoy an international fame for a long time. Qishi City is constructed in a leisure environment for visitors to appreciate natural artworks. People could not only see the impressive collections, but also find lots of friends with common hobby.
Collections in this Qishi Garden are most discovered in Liuzhou District. According to their production areas, they can be divided into seven kinds:
Stone from mountains
Stone from rivers
Stone from the ground
Stone from caves
Stone with mixed compositions
Collections in this museum such as “soul of Chinese”, “seeing pine trees at dusk”, “ancient road in desert” are always rewarded in many large competitions both at home and abroad. Thanks to these collections, Liuzhou is reputed as the capital of art stones.