South Lake Park

South Lake Park is located at the southeastern part of Nanning City, covering an area of 191.92 hectares (land area: 90.12 hectare, water area: 101.8 hectares). The park is a well combination of both graceful water sights and tropical garden scenery. It is a comprehensive park with water play activities. The National Dragon Boat Festival was held in the lake.
In the South Lake Park, you can row a boat in the lake or fishing at the bank. Besides, you can also appreciate subtropical plants and flowers along the lake. There are palms, Chinese fan-palm,
Archontophoenix Alexandra, and other tropical plants. On both side of the path in the park, there are landscape trees such as Cleidiocarpon cavaleriei, cajeput and Grevillea robusta. In Baihua Garden, there are hundreds species of flowers including gold camellia and rare bamboo such as Buddha bamboo, Acacia confusa and Araucaria cunninghamii.
South Lake is the largest lake in Nanning. It used to be the old river cruise of Yongxi River. As floods submerged the south city, Lu Ren, an official of Yongzhou (today’s Nanning), built the flood storage lake and separate the floods. And the lake become a attraction gradually.