Crown Cave

Crown Cave is located in Changping Hui Nationality Village of Yanshan District, about 29km from the Guilin City. The cave is a typical karst cave as a part of Crown Mountain. The scenic area of the Crown Cave covers about 4000 hectares. It is reputed as the “Pearl of the Li River”. In addition of the natural scenes, here boasts meeting and holiday facilities, accommodation and dining services.
The Crown Cave is 12km long with 3km nearby the Li River developed and opened to the public. In the cave, stalactites and stalagmites together with colorful interior lighting system show a wonderland to tourists. The cave equipped with sightseeing elevator, small sightseeing trains. At some place of the cave, you can take a small boat.
The entrance of the Cave is a underground river. Waters runs from the cave all the year. You could do the sightseeing in Crown Cave by bamboo raft or small boat.
How to get there: One hour driving from Guilin Bus Station to Crown Cave