Guilin Yao Mountain

Yao Mountain is located in the east Guilin, 12km away from the downtown area. The highest peak of the Mountain is also the high hill in Guilin with an altitude of 903.3m.

The name of the mountain derives from the Yao Emperor Temple on the top of the mountain, which was built in Tang Dynasty. The mountain offers tourist different views in each season. In spring, Azalea flowers blossom all over the mountain; in summer, green bamboos compete with each other; in autumn, red maples makes the mountain on fire; in winter, snow blanks the mountain as a crystal palace.
The famous spots on the mountain include Yao Emperor Temple, Jade Breast Pond, Tianci Field and White Deer Temple. The cable care of the Yao Mountain is 1416.18m long with alarm system, TV monitor protection system.