Yangshuo Shangri-la Theme Park

Yangshuo Shangri-la theme park is located on the side of road. Shangri-La is an ideal world presented for display but it also includes the real world of the enchanting Yangshuo County mountains water, fields and traditional customs. Visitors can forget temporarily the hustle and bustle of busy city life, relax and enjoy themselves in the setting of a traditional Chinese agricultural society.
The Shangri-la does not stick exactly to the description in “Peach Flower Chronicle” but is built according to natural environment of the place and the needs of the tourists. It is built according to the theme of an ideal world, the minority style buildings are mixed together with the natural surroundings and programs are set up for tourists to participate in and experience traditional culture and entertainments. There are two major themes presented in Shangri-la. One is the traditional Chinese farming culture, the other is the culture of the minority groups of north Guangxi minority cultures such as Miao, Dong, Zhang and Yao.
It is a park with the boat cruise,you can see mountains, caves, bridges, rivers, houses, and the local farmer who are living nearby with pleasure , It is a great place that will bring you everlasting memories. Also, there some minority show and some handcrafts shop in the park!
♦ How to get there
Forty-four km from Guilin and 16 km from Yangshuo, Yangshuo Shangri-la Theme Park is conveniently located. Take a bus from either Guilin or Yangshuo and get off at the park.
China Travel Agency also can provides the transfer service to this attraction.

♦ Basic Information
Location: In Baishai Town, Yangshuo
Open Hours: 8:30 – 17:00
Recommended duration in this park: about half a day
Attraction Rank, National 4A Scenic Spot