Gudong Waterfall

Gudong Scenic Area is the nearest forest park from Guilin City. This area is an ideal choice to have outdoor activities such as waterfall climbing and outward development activities. It will be a pleasant tour if travellers choos China Travel Agency as a company in the Gudong Waterfall Scenic Area.
There are eight waterfalls and nine pools in this area. Pouring from the peak of the hill, this waterfall is in a height of 90 meters. People will be impressive by the magnificent waterfall. Gudong waterfall is the only one waterfall that formed by underground springs. And it is also the only one karst waterfall and always changed by the geographical factors.
In this scenic area, visitors can see
The rare geographical scene called “the eye of Gudong Waterfall”
The virgin forest with ancient giant trees and fresh air
Civilization and creativity of human being
Applying the environmental protection idea, the design of Gudong area shows this idea everywhere. In this attraction, visitors can get environmental protection education in a friendly atmosphere. Aiming to give people more impressive idea, there are five major parts for visitors to get close distance with the nature.
Eco-system protection Square – reputed as a sample base of national eco tour
Waterfall climbing part – it is a touchable waterfall for people to climb. Touching rocks, stepping on the waterfall, and listening to the rhythm of water, any trouble can be prevented from your mind.
Maple trees part – the large area tropical forest will bring you a fresh air. And during the fall, red leaves will cover the mountain so that visitors can see the picturesque scenery. And there is the longest hanging bridge with a length of 200 meters.