Solitary Beauty Peak

Solitary Beauty Peak, or Duxiu Peak, is standing in the Mansion of Jingjiang Princely in Guilin downtown. The peak has long been reputed as “Southern Sky Pillar” since ancient times.

At the southeast foot of the Solitary Peak, there is a Study Cave (Du Shu Cave). It used to be a place to do the reading for litterateur Yan Yanyan during the South Song Dynasty. This relic is the oldest one with a famous figure in Guilin. As the Yan described the peak “Solitary Beauty Peak” in his poetry, from then on, people all called the hill “Solitary Beauty Peak” or Du Xiu Peak in Chinese language.
From the foot to the peak of the hill, there are 396 stone steps. On the top of the hill, you can enjoy the whole sight of Guilin City.