Guangxi Liuhou Park

Located in the north bank of Liujiang River in Liuzhou City, Guangxi, Liuhou Park is a site to memory the famous littérateur Liu Zongyuan. People prefer to call him Liu Hou (a word to show respects to great figures). Built in Qing Dynasty, this attraction has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Liuzhou. It will be a pleasure Longtan Park tour if visitors choose top China Travel Agency as the guide in Liuzhou.
Liuhou Park is located in the east of the northern shore of the central square, was built in 1906, covering about 20 hectares, is to commemorate the people of Liuzhou, the famous Tang Dynasty writer, thinker, statesman and Liu in the original Liu Hou Temple on the basis of expansion Form, has become an area of 15.5 hectares of comprehensive Cultural Park.
♦ Liuhou Temple:
Liuhou Ancestral Temple was built in the second year of reign of Emperor Chang Qing of the Dang Dynasty.

Liu, word-thick (AD 773-819), Tang Hedong (Yongji City of Shanxi Province danger of this township), Libu Yuanwai Lang was due to failure to participate in the political reform was banished, in their twilight years Juguan Liuzhou (AD 815 -- 819), done a lot of things beneficial to the people. He died Liuzhou after three years, local people built a temple ritual he Luo Chi. The end of the Northern Song Dynasty, Song Huizong Zhuifeng him "Hou Wen-hui",
Liuzhou people deeply cherished the memory of this scholar who gave virtue to them. Soon they built Luochi pond temple (presently name is Liuhou Ancestral Temple) to offer sacrifices and pay their respects to him. It was completely repaired to retain the architectural style in a Qing Dynasty over the years. In  the  temple  there  are  tablets  of past dynasties  such  as  famous " Litchi Tablet " and  " Dragon City Tablet "etc.