Nine Horses Painted Hill

Go upstream from Xingping on Li River Cruise, there is a hill surrounding by hills in three sides while facing to the river. The cliff of the hill is formed by colorful stones so that it is looked like a painting screen in a far distance. Because of these characters, it is called Painted Hill. China Tour Operator will be a good Li River travel guide in the cruise. 
Besides the colorful cliff, this hill is also famous for the nine horses painted by the nature. In this 400-meter-high and 200-meter-wide hill, there are nine horses on the cliff which is regarded as a painting screen. Horses in this screen are in different postures. Some are running joyfully, some are standing and shouting to the sky, while some are walking leisurely to find food. Ancient peots would like to describe this scene as a work made by a drunk god.
♦ A legend of this hill
It is said that these nine horses were originally in the heaven. And due to the mistake of Monkey King (he was a horse administrator in the heaven), all of them came to the earth secretly. When they came to the Li River and saw the clean water, they decided to stay a while and drunk water on the bank. During this time, a painter discovered them and planned to draw a picture of them. This behavior caused a disorder among these nine horses. They were afraid and ran into the cliff in a disorder situation. Finally, they were blocked in the cliff forever. Because they came from the heaven so that it was hard to find the clear outline of them.