Guilin Zhujiang Pier

Li River Cruise is famous in Guilin. It is the highlight tour in a Guilin tour. Guilin Zhujiang Pier(竹江码头) is the starting place of Li River Cruise. It is built exclusively for foreign visitors and traveler from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It finished construction and opened up to publics in 1985. Then Zhujiang Pier was under several extension in the history.

Zhujiang Pier is location in the Southeastern part of Guilin. It is about 32 km from downtown of Guilin city. It takes about 45 minutes driving along Guilin-Mopanshan Pier Highway.
The pier covers a land area of 48,200 sq meters and a water area of 100,000 sq meters. It is 400 meters in length and has 9 berths. It allows 80 Li River Cruise boats to moor at the same time. The pier was designed to serve for 2,000,000 travelers each year. It also have multi-function building for waiting boats as well as parking lots

History of the Pier
1982--- The pier started to be built with the approval and investment of ¥1,000,000 by China National Tourism Administration.
1985--- It was completed and used with 5 berths and a land area of 1,800 sq meters.
1994--- Wuzhou Tourism Company intested ¥2,000,000 to expand the waiting building with an area of 1,500 sq meters due to the tourism development in Guilin.
1997--- With the development of Chinese economy, the number of travel grew fast. The old pier seems a bit crowded in high tourism season. Besides, it also was not suitable for use during flood. With the investment of ¥2,000,000 from Guilin Lijiang Countryside Entertainment Company, the waiting building was expanded to cover an area of 3,106 sq meters. Meanwhicl, improve the bank of the pier.
2001---Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited purchased Zhujiang Pier from the above 2 companies.
2002--- Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited added 4 berths on the upper part of Li River. Finally, Zhujiang Pier has 9 berths in total and gets to the current scale.