Yangshuo Langzi Village

Yangshuo Langzi Village is a Zhuang ethnic village located in Gaotian Township, 22km away from Yangshuo County and 82 km from Guilin.
The village was originally founded in Shunzhi Period of Qing Dynasty. It has a history of over 350 years. The first ancestor of the village is Qing Zhengyao, from Qingyauan of Yishan County, Guangxi Province. He was a warrior of Li Zicheng’s peasant rebel army stationing in Beiping. When Qing’s soldiers breaking through Beiping, their army was defeated and fee. He passed Langzi when he ran back from Beiping. On seeing the fertile land, clear water and green mountains, he chose to stay here. Later, he had one son and two grandsons. Year by year’s hard work of generations by generations, in Xianfeng Period, Qing Family is prosperous and rich. So, they employed craftsmen and expended the village.  
Climbing on to the top of a watchtower and looking out from the window, a vast view of the gray roof titles and bricks will drag you back to ancient times. Ruizhi Ancestral Hall hides in the old houses. It has a history of more than 300 years. It belongs to the Qingshi landlord. In ancient times, rich and big families always have their ancestral halls for worship of their ancestors.
Qing families are very hard working families. Unlike other Zhuang people, they think “A good scholar will make an official” as Han people, and take "Cultivation and read to bequeath to the family" as Zuxun.
What to see: Ruizhi Ancestral Hall, Qingshi Ancestral Hall; Embroidered balls, wood caving, bamboo caving and other handcrafts.
Transportation tips:
Take regular bus from Yangshuo to Gaotian Township, and then rent a tricycle to the village which costs about 30 yuan.