Fu Li Ancient Town

Since the year of XianQing in Tang Dynasty (1300 years ago), villages had been built. Later because of its convenient river transportation, the town became a flourishing area along Li River. The scenes in the movie” The Third Sister of Family Liu” that Brother A’niu saves the Third Sister and Liu’er carries firewood were made on the wharf of Fuli. The wharf of Ferry Village on the other side of the river was the location where “The Family of Fishermen” in the movie was made.
Yangshuo Fuli Town is a pier of Li River as well as an ancient port of Zhujiang river system. In the ancient time, there was no roads and railways so that Li River became the only transport route to Yangtze River and Pearl River. Fuli pier played a very important role during this time. As a frequently used port, Fuli gradually developed into a prosperous place. And because of the war, much immigrants from Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Anhui and Fujian also came to Fuli town as it was a comparatively safe place. And till now, half of the population in Fuli is immigrants so that Fuli is a multi-cultural place. And one of the oldest tribalism cultures – Gu Nuo culture – has been still preserved completely.
♦ Li River Cruise Fuli Part
The Li River Cruise Fuli part can be started from Yangshuo county to the Fuli town. The bank along this part is another representative of Guilin scenery. Clean river relects the green hills, fewer ships in this part than in the Guilin-Yangshuo part. But the landscape is with the same appreciation value. In this cruise, travelers can get close distance to the venue of the show “Impression of Liu Sanjie” – Shutongshan Hill. China Tour Operator will be a good Li River travel guide in the cruise.
♦ Highlight of Fuli Town – Painted Paper Fan
Fuli Town is famous as a hometown of Chinese painted paper fan. Firstly, this place was the hometown for lots of Chinese painting drawers. Among them, Li Zhen’ou may be the most famous one, Li’s works had once been collected and exhibited in Tian’an men square, and also sent to foreign leaders as gifts.
Fuli Town is one of the most Chinese painting towns in China. Applying the Chinese painting advantages, Fuli people use paper fans to spread their art every where. So the paper fan making skills are also developed very well. In this town, visitors can see the making process and skills of the Yangshuo paper fans. Reputed as “hometown of Chinese painting paper fan”, Fuli is one of the biggest bases to produce paper fans.
♦ What to see in Fuli
Fuli scenic zone can be divided into many small zones. The main zone is in this ancient town, you can enjoy the Li River views, baffulos, Calligraphy, Chinese paintings, Chinese painted fans, Old streets and buildings, as well as the local market. The second one is Chetian Scenic zone, where you can see the super beautiful rice paddies views and villages.