Xing’an Water Street

Water Street in Xing’an is a one-kilometer-long market as well as a popular attraction. This site features the Qin and Han dynasties culture and architectural styles, highlights the culture of ancient bridge, ancient carving art, Lingqu canal, and Lingnan fold art. The parts in this attraction include Qin Dynasty Culture district, Niang Niang Bridge, Wanli Bridge, Masi Bridge, ancient opera platform, Jinzhong Streetm Huguang Hall, Water Street Pavilion, hundred meters carving pass, ancient stone carving district, and ethnic cultural district.
In this street, hanging buildings along the street, brand-honored shops in the ancient architectural style will be presented. Melody of traditional Chinese instrument can be listened when having a boat on the Lingqu Canal in this part. Local residences along the banks of Lingqu Canal form a picture of Lingnan Culture, Gray walls and black roofs with wooden carving windows and doors, each house will tell visitors a story of the past.
It is totally different for walking in Water Street in the night. Shops in this street are all hanging the traditional Chinese red lanterns. This leisure atmosphere will let travelers feel relaxed. Little girls are playing on the bank of river, beautiful ladies are washing cloth on the bank of the river, it is a simple and quiet lifestyle which is precious in this society.

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