Yangdi Scenic Area

Yangdi is another pier for travelers to get Li River Cruise. And Yangdi Scenic Area is also a highlight of Li River cruise. When the ship cruise to this part, travelers will be immediately attracted by the poetic scenery belonging to Yangshuo.
Yangdi Scenic Area starts from the Guanyan Village in the north. As a following part behind the Xingping Scenic Area, this part is in 18km-long as the golden part of Li River. Possessing the typical rural scenery which is described as “nine hills divide ground half of river and half of field”, Yangdi is a remote area without disturb from the noisy city and pollution of the industry. Cruising on the clean river, continuous scenes will be presented in front of your eyes. Poet had described this scene as “river functions as a green belt while hill plays a role as girl’s headdress”.
Yangdi Village is a water gateway to Yangshuo. It is the first attraction in Li River of Yangshuo District. And in the low water period each year, the Li River in Guilin district may be closed, while in Yangdi-Yangshuo, ship can still cruise on. Because of its unique geography, Yangdi becomes the necessary route in cruise. People title Yangdi part as the golden waterway without dry.
♦ Guide for Yangdi-Yangshuo Hiking Route:
Start from Yangdi pier, the first thing is to take a boat to the opposite bank.After crossing the river, you can print your first print of Yangdi-Yangshuo hiking
Route: Yangdi – go across the river - Langshi Ferry – go across the river - Lengshui Ferry – go across the river - Painted Hill Ferry – Xingping
Length: 22km
Things along the route: 6 villages
Duration: 5 – 6 hours
China Travel Agency can help travellers to arrange this hiking tour according to requirements.