Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree

The Big Banyan Tree is located in the Moon Hill Scenic Area in Yangshuo County. Standing at the west bank of Jinbao River, the Big Banyan Tree is a thousand-years-old tree. The circumference of the main trunk is 7.1m and the height of it is about 17m. With luxuriant foliage, the trees shadow can cover an area of more than 100 square meters. It looks like a huge green umbrella prop up on the ground.

The banyan tree is about 1400 years old. It is the oldest banyan in the world experiencing more than thousand years wind and rain and is considered as a divine tree by local people. It is said that the tree planted in Jin Dynasty. Beside the ancient big tree, waters runs slowly in the Jinbao River, reflecting beautiful scenes of both banks.
Legends goes that Liu Sanjie throw embroidered ball to A Niu brother and they secretly engaged here. The big banyan was the matchmaker for them. At first A Niu did not dare to pick up the embroidered ball, so Liu Sanjie asked the old tree to tell A Niu her affection for him, then A Niu picked up the ball and engaged with her.