Chuanshan Park

Chuanshan Park is located in the South Guilin city, taking Chuanshan Hill as the core. It covers an area of about 2 sq km. It is one of the beautiful parks in Guilin. Chuanshan Hill faces Elephant Trunk Hill across Li River. Pagoda Hill is just in front of Chuanshan Hill, with a Buddha pagoda on the top. There are 2 caves in Chuanshan Hill. They are Moon Cave and Chuanshan Cave. Moon cave is at the hillside, which gets through the hill. While tourists stand in the cave, they could overlook the winding Li River and splendid city view. Chuanshan Cave is just at the bottom of the hill, in which tourists could see various stalactites.

Chuanshan Cave
The gate of Chuanshan Cave is just on the hillside. It is an irregular cave, with 1531 meters long in total. The main cave is around 348 meters in length and 3-5 meters in width. The widest place in the cave is 30 meters and highest part of the cave is 30 meters. The cave was formed 34,000 year ago. It was discovered and developed in 1977. It is tortuous and loopback in the cave, but colourful and brilliant. Tourists could see Swan Bay, Water Curtain Cave, Heart-to-heart Stone Shield, Old Tree Ground, Hollow Stone,ect which are all formed by karst landform, but with human’s imagination.

Pagoda Hill
Pagoda Hill is on the east bank of Li River, just between Li River and Xiaodongjiang River, facing Chuanshan Hill across Xiaodongjiang River. This small hill is 194 meters high. It belongs to the same hill 100 years ago to Chuanshan Hill. Due to the earth crustal movement, it became an individual hill. There is a Buddha pagoda on the top of this hill with 8 angles and 7 layers, built by bricks and 13.3 meters in length. Seen from distance, Pagoda Hill looks like a ship in the river. Therefore, it is also called Warship Hill. In Autumn, with the red maple leaves in Chuanshan Park, the view of Pagoda Hill and Maple Leaves is attractive.

Moon Cave
Moon Cave is just at the hillside of the west part of Chuanshan Hill. The cave is round like a moon through the hill. The cave is about 9 meters high, 31 meters long and 13.3 meters wide.

Steles Forest
There are more than 300 modern poems and couplets carved on the Steles Forest, which are collected countrywide. It is helpful to make the natural scenic area of Chuanshan Park more cultural.

Travel Tips:

Feature of Chuanshan Park: Natural scenery and karst cave view
Visit time: about 2 hours
Transportation: Take bus No 6, 16, 23 and get off at Chuanshan Bridge Stop. Then walk along the street along Xiaodongjiang River Southward for about 400 meters.
From Guilin Bus Station: 2.5 km, 13 minutes by taxi
From Guilin Railway station: 2 km, 10 minutes by taxi
From Guilin Liangjiang Airport: 30 km, 30 minutes by taxi