Gongcheng Confucius Temple

Gooncheng Confucius Temple is built to memory the great ideologist and educationalist Confucius. Covering an area of 3,600 square meters, the temple is built in an area of 1,300 square meters. Built in Yongle Period in Ming Dynasty, this temple is the largest, oldest and most well-preserved one in Guangxi. And it is also the most completed Confucius Temples in China.
♦ History
According to the record, the original Confucius Temple was built in the Phoenix Mountain in the Eastern Gongcheng County. And during the 1477, government amounted to move it to the Huangniugang in the west direction. While in 1560, people thought the Huangniugang was a place with bad luck so that Confucius Temple experienced the second movement. And it was move to the present site. After a throughout destroy, this temple was renovated in 1607. As time went by, the temple gradually enlarged and developed. And the present one was finished in 1842. It is said that the scale and the place of the Confucius Temple had a deep influence to the civilization of that place. So Gongcheng Confucius Temple had experienced countless renovation and enlargement projects.
♦ Features of Gongcheng Confucius Temple
Compared with the Confucius Temple in Qufu, this one is a small one. While the decoration and the unique local characters make it better than the one in Qufu in minority art field. This temple is an architecture mixing the intelligence of Gongcheng people and the building style of Confucianism.
♦ Structure
This temple is built according to the geography of the mountain. Pavilions are built in a symmetrical structure. With a mountainous background, it is in a serious and great style. Considered about the ancient architectural theory, the structure of this temple is a representative of Chinese traditional I-Ching theory.
Opening Hour: 8:00 – 17:30
Sightseeing Duration: about 1 hour
1. you can take the bus from Guiling to Gongchen at Yangsuo station.
2. you can take the bus from Guiling to Gongchen at Guiling station.
3. China Travel Agency can help travellers to get this attraction by providing transfer service.
Travel Tips: The Confucius Temple is located in the Gongcheng County so that it is recommended to have a cup of Gongcheng oil tea and other local snacks.