Sanjiang Drum Tower

Sangjiang Drum Tower is located in Sanjiang County of Liuzhou City. Drum tower is the symbol of Sanjiang County. It is also the first tower in the history of Dong nationality. The Drum Tower in Sanjiang looks like a pagoda.
Drum Tower is the sign and soul of Dong village. It is a wooden structure tower in mortise and tenon construction without a single iron nails. It can be built into several or dozens of layers high. The numbers of layers are mostly single. The tower can be tetrahedral, hexahedron or octahedron with a high of tens meters. It looks like pogoda, majestic with double-hipped roof. And Sanjiang Drum Tower ranks worlds No.1 Drum Tower.
The Sangjiang Drum Tower was accomplished in Oct., 2002 as a project of the 50th founding anniversary of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County.
Sangjiang Drum Tower ranks NO.1 in four aspects:
1, Sanjiang Drum Tower occupies the larges area among the drum towers.
The tower is supported by 60 pillars with a floor space of 600 square meters. With the square, the total area is more than 4000 square meters. It becomes a cultural site for Dong people to hold ceremonies, festival activities and trade affairs.
2, The highest drum tower with a height of 42.6m
3, The drum tower with the most floors
The total number of the floors of Sanjiang Drum Tower is 27.
4. The four main pillars of the tower are the largest pillars among all the drum towers.
The No.1 maim pillar of this tower is made from the main trunk of a tree of 208 year, with a diameter of 85cm and a height of 27m. The No.2 pillar is a tree of 206 years old. The third and fourth main pillars are also over 100 year old. The average diameter of the four pillars is all above 70cm.