Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal

Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal in Li River is one of the highlights in Li River Cruise. Located in the area of Xingping Ancient Town, cruise ship will enter into a wider water area after the Painted Hill of Nine Horses. China Tour Operator will be a good Li River travel guide in the cruise.

The reflection of hills on the glassy surface of the river forms an impressive picture for tourists. And this area is called the Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal. The essential charms of Li River are the reflection in the Yellow Cloth Shoal. Seeing the river from the ship, there is a yellow rock in the river which is like a yellow cloth covering the river, thus its name.
There are seven hills along the bank of this area. And people would like to called these seven hills as seven fairies, and also use a legend to explain the origin of them.
It is said that there were seven fairies coming to the earth in their leisure time. All of them were attracted by the splendid scenery of Li River. They planned to stay here rather than went back to the heaven. Finally, they all turned into green peaks along the Li River.
In sunny days, these seven hills which are derived from seven fairies are reflected in the river, just like seven beautiful ladies in the river. This scene blurs the boundary of the bank and the river so that people will see a yellow cloth hanging from the sky to the bottom of the river. Ancient poet used a sentence to describe this scene: People on the ship see the peak of the hill, while reflection causes an illusion that ship cruises on the peak of the hill.
♦ Reflection in different weather:
Rainy days – raindrops makes the reflection in countless fragments in the river
Foggy days – reflection may be hidden by fog
Sunny days – most clear reflection of the Yellow Cloth Shoal for taking photos