Yulong Bridge

Yu Long Bridge lies on the Yu Long River in Yu Long Village of Yangshuo’s Baisha Township. It is the largest single-arched stone bridge in Guangxi Province. The bridge is 36m long, 9m high and 4.2m wide. As one of the famous bridge in Guangxi, Yu Long Bridge is in simple style with strong ethnic characters.
The bridge was built in Yong Le Period during the Ming Dynasty (1412). It is a single-arched stone bridge lies on the river like a rainbow. It is said that the Yu Long River was named An Le River and had no bridge before. In the Ming Dynasty, a student went to the capital to take part in the highest imperial examination. When he walked by the river, a monster was here making wild waves that no one could across the river. The student was very nervous and worried. A girl passed by and he told her the monster in the river. The girl wanted to help the student. She flied to East Sea and invited the Dragon King and the Eight Immortals to kill the monster. The Dragon King defeated the monster and the water in Yu Long River became calm. At the same time, there is a golden bridge on the river. The girl is a daughter of the Dragon King. They fell in love and pledge their eternal love. The student took the exam and became the number one scholar. 3 years later, the student came back and found the girl. They lived at the bank of An Le River. For thanking the Dragon King, the student built a bridge on the river, named “Yu Long Bridge” and the An Le River was also changed to “Yu Long River”.