De Tian Waterfall

De Tian Waterfall is situated in Shuolong Township of Daxin County at the boundary between Vietnam and China. It is the world’s fourth largest waterfall, following Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls and Niagara Fall. It is the largest waterfall in Asia.

The origin of the waterfall if Guichun River in Jingxi County. The river runs to Vietnam and turns back to Guangxi, forming the beautiful waterfall when encountering the bluffs in De Tian Village, straddling the Vietnam-China border.
The scene of De Tian Waterfall can be different from morning, noon to night. In the morning, the fog above the waterfall refracts the sunshine which forms rainbow; in the noon, water falls 50m from the cliff which width about 100m; at dusk, the setting sun hanging above the waterfall, the waterfall looks like poppy striped cloth.
The De Tian Waterfall has three layers: the first layer’s water falls down from the straight cliff and stricks hurdreds meters into the deep pool; the second layer’s water runs slower from the dozens meters high bluff, the water seems get a chance to take a breath; the third layer gethers all the water from streams here from all directions and almost fall down valtically, impacting into the river. No one could resist attraction of the heart-stunning pictursqure scene here.