Yangshuo Butterfly Spring

The Butterfly Spring is located on the way to the famous Moon Hill and has the unique hanging bridge in Yangshuo. Butterfly Spring area also has natural waterfall, good melodies echoed among mountains.
In the park's 400-meter-long Butterfly Grotto, spring water oozes from the sandy layer in the rock every day and forms a pool. This is the Butterfly Spring. The grotto holds many stalactites with varieties of shapes, such as fruits, mountains, divinities and the moon. Amongst them, there are some which look like butterflies and are absolutely lifelike. You also can view the beautiful Yulong River and Yangjiao Hills there.
♦ Rock Climbing Activity
In the area, you can experience rock-climbing which is called “Ballet on the cliff”. You can also enjoy Zipline and other Abseil. Let is really a place for you to feel the nature overcome yourself and be relaxed!