Yangshuo Xingping Town

Xingping Scenic Area is located in Xingping Town, about 25km away from Yangshuo County. It belongs to Xiping County during the Three Kingdom Period. The town was not built until the Sui Dyansty. The Xiping County was abolished and set up the Yangshuo County, and Xingping Town was under the administration of Yangshuo County. Xingping Town is the most beautiful ancient town along the Li River.
A Highlight of Li River Cruise
The scene in Xingping Scenic Area is a highlight of Guilin Li River Cruise. The scene here has even been printed on the 20 yuan paper money. There are about 24 spots along in the scenic area. Among them the most famous includes:
Nine Horses Painted Hill:  It is a hill 4km from the Xingping Port. This typical kasrt hill stands by the Li River and faces the river with a vertical cliff. The cliff looks like a painting with many colors. And 9 horses can be recognized from the painting, hence the name of the hill.
Reflection of Yellow Cloth Bund: Reflection of Yellow Cloth Bundis the cream of the highlights of Li River. When raft passes the Nine Horses Painted Hill, the surface of the river become calm and wide, reflecting the green hills on both sides. And not far from the painting hill, comes the Yellow Cloth Bund. Here the reflection is the most beautiful along the whole river, since the water is very green and crystal.
Scenery printed on paper money-20 RMB: Here you can also see the scene on the back of the 20 Yuan paper money. The hill on the paper money is called “Yuanbao Hill”, “Yuan Bao” means money in Chinese. The shape of the hills just looks like “Yuan Bao” which is the money used in ancient time.
Xingping Village
Former President Clinton and Xingping Village: Former president Clinton came to visit the ancient Xingping Village in 1998. Since then, Xingpin became more an more popular among oversea tourists.
Xingping Ancient Street: Xingping Ancient Street is a stone street extending about 1km from the southeast of the ancient town to the Bangyan pool and Gudu Port of the Li River. There are guild halls along the ancient street and well-preserved ancient architectures.
How to Get There: The ancient town is 25km to Yangshuo Town. There are frequent bus services between Yangshuo County and Xingping Ancient Town.