Jiuwu Town

Jiuwu Town is situated in the northwest Guilin. It covers an area of 217,000 square meters. In the modern time, Jiuwu Town still preserved its traditional lifestyle. Many minorities such as Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Hui have lived together here since ancient them.

The town is one of the “national planting and forestry town” in China because its large-scale forest coverage of and national new type rich plantation base. The town is very famous for its agricultural contribution..
The transportation of the town has been constructed well. It is easily and continent for people to go to the ancient town by bus. Along the road to the ancient town, tourists can appreciate the beautiful sceneries.
Jiantou Ancient Village in Jiuwu Town
Jiangtou Village is located in Jiuwu Town in Ling Chuang County, 32km north of the Guilin City. The village in Jiuwu has a history of over 800 years. It is one of the oldest towns here. 
There are more than 620 ancient buildings and most of them were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. From the ancient wells, slate alleys, and stone arch bridges, exquisite wooden carvings on windows and doors, we can tell that the village is very affluent in the ancient time. There are 158 families living here with a population of 680. The first name of these families is Zhou, and their ancestor is Zhou Dun YI, a famous poet and philosopher during the Northern Song Dynasty.
The architectures in the village are unique and exquisite. The black tiles on roof reflect the long history of the village. Ornamented beams and ornamental engraving-decorated gates with the particular flavor of the architectures show the profound culture of the village.
How to Get There: by bus or coach with about 3-hour driving time
What to eat: rice cakes, sour bamboo shoots, duck blood and steamed meat